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Life! Passion! Joy!
Money! Support!

Fun! Happiness! Delight!

How would you feel if you discovered that you could live your wonderful life right now?

How would you feel if your relationships with people, power, health and money changed for the better now?

 How do you feel when you’ve achieved that goal you’ve longed for?

SunAgape Wellness welcomes you to your wonderful life through individual healing sessions, Conscious Classes and workshops presented in a nurturing environment.
Unlimited Healing

Unlimited Network’s mission is to encourage people to a conscious journey of aliveness for the highest good of all, while inspiring the enjoyment of, and gratitude for, an abundant world.

As a member of the Unlimited Network Community Practitioners, Pam commits herself daily to using the principles of Unlimited Healing in her own life. Unlimited Healing takes three powerful healing technologies and brings them together into one conscious, dynamic tool. This three part tool, Healing Breath, Healing Body and Creative Questions , is here now at SUNAGAPE WELLNESS  to help you shape your wonderful life.

Creative Questions brings the incredible power of your mind into service for you, optimizing the balance and harmony of your life. When we ask ourselves the right questions, our minds create answers we can use immediately to live the lives we are meant to be living.

Healing Body is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on approach to support you in experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is based on the body's natural ability and inclination to heal itself using its inner knowing and power.

Healing Breath uses an ancient breathing technique that is also based on the body's natural ability and inclination to heal itself. A Healing Breath session functions as a highly efficient cleansing therapy for the physical body, as 70% of the body's toxins are released. With this dynamic breathing technique you can change unhelpful thought patterns at a deep, subconscious, and even a cellular level to create your wonderful life.


Pam Guthrie has been passionately involved in healing work for over 27 years. Motivated by her core belief that everyone has the right to happiness, health and prosperity, Pam studied a wide range of healing modalities before being inspired by her own amazing results with Unlimited Healing, as well as the results of both clients and colleagues, to open SunAgape Wellness in 2006. Pam is a practitioner in Healing Body and Healing Breath and also offers coaching sessions and workshops on Creative Questions.

Conscious Creation Classes

SUNAGAPE WELLNESS offers Conscious Creation Classes on a variety of topics. 

On the 2nd Thursday each month,  Celebrate! 
Join us in the Fireside Lounge at University Baptist Church, 1219 University Ave SE in Minneapolis on the 2nd Thursday, from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm for Celebrate!, our monthly gathering to celebrate the good things in our lives.  Good news ranging from global to personal, positive trends in the world, relaxing guided meditations, and whatever other good stuff we can find.And always those wonderful cookies baked by Two Smart Cookies in Saint Paul.

Free will donations for this event are cheerfully accepted! 

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Holy Moly! The Creative Questions Contemplation CD volume one is available for purchase!

Phil Rukavina, internationally known lute player, and your very own Pam Guthrie have teamed together to create a Creative Questions experience like you've never had!

With Phil's gorgeous, inspired music filling the background, and Pam's soothing voice reading Arne Rantzen's classic Creative Questions in the foreground, you will find yourself transported to that place where you are at your best.

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Volume 2 is now available as a download.  Be sure to check back for more information on our upcoming live performance. It could change everything.